Out of Bounds produces exhibitions, free of charge, for any public or private space that lends itself to the display and appreciation of artwork. These “spaces” include, but are not limited to, board rooms and conference rooms, event spaces, building lobbies, and libraries. 

Out of Bounds exhibitions feature high quality work by local artists. By doing so, we are offering our community an opportunity to enjoy the talent of artists working in our area; and, increased exposure and sales for these artists.

Out of Bounds will give 10% of the profit from sales of art work to a local non-profit that serves the homeless, increases environmental awareness or,  provides literacy services in the DC region.

Carson Herrington, Owner/Curator

Carson Herrington holds a Master of Arts in Teaching Visual Art and a Masters in Art History, Theory and Criticism. Carson has worked for 20 years in art museums around the country and is currently a freelance curator living in Arlington, VA.